Nicole, Vernon NJ
Currently, I'm eating protein and low glycemic raw, and I've lost about 7lbs. So far I'm not tired. I've stopped thinking about food. When I work out I feel like I'm making music.

Ana, age 43
After I attended Christie's workshop my life changed completely. I feel great and I lost 8 lbs in one month. I feel rejuvenated and full of energy and I feel happier.

What surprised me was that the foods not only are good for you, they are delicious. I love to eat and now I can eat as much as I want and still lose weight!

Maggie, age 42
The first time I heard about the raw diet was at a workshop by Christie Kellogg. I attended because I was not enjoying food, was gaining weight year after year, and was always eating my meals cold or in a mad rush after serving the kids. Eating was stressful,meal planning was stressful, and at 42 I felt I was running out of time and energy.

All the science made sense, but the great part for me was the food tasted good! Fruits, nuts, oils, all the things the diet machines make you fearful of are good for you, allowed and not limited. I have two kids, a very busy husband and life. I don't have any desire to count carbs/calories or anything else!

The bottom line is, I lost weight, especially in my stomach,which after two kids I thought was hopeless. I felt calm and relaxed almost immediately! I was less angry and less crazy. I don't know why but that is now the biggest benefit to me. I am learning new recipes and can make this diet as simple or as gourmet as I wish.

Christie is a great resource, watching her cook and prepare meals was very helpful and demystified the kitchen and introduced me to greens I never thought I would eat in a million years! Thanks to eating a more raw diet I am looking forward to my next forty years rather than dreading the decline.


The bottom line is, I lost weight, especially in my stomach, which after two kids I thought was hopeless. I felt calm and relaxed almost immediately! I was less angry and less crazy. I don't know why but that is now the biggest benefit to me.


Brian, age 38, Vernon NJ

Why did you want to go raw?
I didn’t! The health aspect of the diet convinced me because I understood how the body didn’t process food as easily as it processed raw foods. I really liked the health benefits to that whole digestion philosophy.

Have you dieted before?
Yea, I was going back on a low-carb diet at the time I started the raw diet. I have been dieting on and off my entire life it seems. I gain weight, I lose weight, I gain weight, I lose weight. It’s been a very frustrating roller coaster. Eating raw, in the first month I lost 30 lbs. I lost 50 lbs in total, that’s what I leveled off at. I looked better at 38 years old than I did when I was 18 years old. Plus, I felt like I was 18 again. It was awesome.

Have previous diets worked for you in the past?
For weight loss, yes, but it was always temporary. But those diets didn’t give me the whole body experience that the raw diet gives you.

What do you mean by a whole body feeling with the raw diet?
After detoxing, my energy and complete whole body feeling was so positive. It was as if my entire perspective on everything was so positive. I felt like a new person, a new beginning. It was really a great feeling, and became contagious to my wife, too. We wanted to feel like this all the time, every day.

What does it feel like when you eat raw?
It is as if your body craves it, your body is happy with it, it gets processed through your digestive system really easy. Frankly, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the beginning! As if your body is being flushed clean, it’s a great feeling. Sounds crazy to say, but it’s so true. When I wasn’t eating raw, I always felt sluggish after I ate…tired, full. It’s not like that when you eat raw. It’s a lifestyle change.

Why do you say it’s a lifestyle change?
Because it is, it changes your life. It makes you feel so good, so energetic. It makes you feel like you’re taking the right steps to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. With all the cancer and disease in the world today, I truly believe that we are what we eat. This diet makes me feel like I’m doing something really good for my body to help prevent disease.

I always think about Christie saying even the simple things like the style of our teeth, human teeth…that they are made to chew things like vegetables, like cows grazing, not ripping-meat teeth like carnivores. Our bodies were created to eat this type of food, and when you eat it regularly, you know in your heart how true it is because it feels so right.