Learning to eat healthy and live better with raw foods


Sparta -The liquid in the blender was an almost neon green, but the dozen or so people took cups gratefully.


Christie Kellogg of Raw in a Nutshell was preparing a juice-vegetable drink during her group workshop at the Sparta Ambulance building on Jan. 20.


Kellogg, a certified raw chef, generally does individual classes or home “raw parties,” but was asked to do a workshop in a larger venue.


“When I do a one-on-one, I prepare food for a week,” she said. “And I give them a shopping list.”


“One thing about raw foods,” she joked. “Everything lasts about a week and you know right away when they have gone bad.”


Kellogg, a perky woman with the manner of a television chef, dumped almonds and warn water into a blender to make the cream base for a broccoli soup as her audience watched. Susan Westra, of Fredon, a self-described “health nut,” noted she is learning to cook raw foods as her part in her husband’s fight against cancer. “It’s big in California. It’s the best way to get the least amount of pesticides.”


Irene Little of Stockholm admitted she “loves sweets and coffee,” but her goal is to get off all prescription medicine. “I’ve started walking,” she said, “and I know juice and raw foods are the way to go. I used to live on a farm and I want to get back to that way of eating, to seasonal eating.”


Kathy Miller of Sparta said she was a vegetarian years ago and wants to get back to that way of eating. “Whenever I come to a cooking class, I always pick up tips,” she added.


Kellogg’s program is sponsored by the White Oak Wellness Center.