About Christie

At 35 years old I had no energy, developed severe eczema, was only shall I say “eliminating” about every 3-4 days and had about 20 pounds of post partum weight that would not budge.

Then the answers came…the raw food diet lifestyle. I initially started because of the weight but to my surprise after 4 days the fog lifted from my brain, my energy was through the roof (I added 2 hours a day to my life waking completely refreshed), my eczema cleared within a few weeks, my thyroid medication was halved in three weeks, I was eliminating 2-3 times a day (effortlessly) and by the end of the month I was down 12 pounds. I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t living it. This was life changing!

The recipes were so delicious and I was literally eating as much as I wanted and the weight continued to drop and I lost another 8 pounds by the end of the second month. I was at my high school weight—now all those size 6’s I kept for the last 15 years I could wear again… a bit out of style however! Another plus, because toxins are stored in fatty tissues and the raw food diet is cleansing, my cellulite disappeared!!

When I first saw the recipes they seemed over whelming, but watching others make them showed me how easy they really were. Because of how life changing this was for me, I wanted to tell anyone who would listen and have them taste the food (that is always the clincher).

I continue to study all I can and received my Raw Food Chef certification in December ‘05. It has become my passion to help others who want the answers of EATING THEIR WAY TO OPTIMAL HEALTH, WEIGHT AND BEAUTY – and enjoying themselves along the way!


When we eat food in its perfect state in which it was given to us,our bodies will run perfectly.
Christie Kellogg, Certified Raw Chef